Editor’s Note: February, 2019

Previously published by The Campus

The new semester is here, it’s happening, welcome back.

As Spring Blackboard reminders flood our emails, phones, and busy calendar days, there is often a confusing feeling, at least for me. While I am at once overwhelmed with being three-weeks deep in homework after two lectures, I am enthralled to see what comes as the weather slowly, but surely, begins to bloom. Here at The Campus, we plan on walking with you during these molasses months. Until Summer break, let’s tackle this together. This issue is just the beginning.

As February is Black History Month, we wanted to dedicate different parts of the magazine to impactful stories that are often purposefully secluded in history books and publications. Both our front and back covers detail the 1969 protests for its upcoming 50th anniversary. Further, our staff writer Andrew James takes the reader on a journey downtown to Seneca Village, illuminating City College’s role in preserving timeless strength. On page 10, in a thought-provoking Op-Ed, Radhamely De Leon talks all things R Kelly in her piece “‘We All Noticed, Nobody Cared Because We Were Black Girls.’”

Completing this month, our team touches on what’s new on campus and around the world, while still making time to teach you a little and aid in your Valentine’s shenanigans. Starting off the news, I talk with Dee Dee Mozeleski about her new role as Executive Director of the combined foundations. To the right, News Editor Dustin Graziano tells of CCNY’s latest achievement. As political landscapes shift, Jaqueline Bautista weighs in on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s hoops, and what they mean for Harlem and the university. Continuing his series “In Other Words,” Victor Anosike sits down with Dr. Jun Yoshioka to talk TXNIP Genes in a way students can digest. Going beyond borders, first time contributor Andrea Ruiz Diaz shares Supreme’s unknown ties to the war in Yemen. Providing another informative review, Clark Adomaitis shares the insider scoop on the perfect February 14th in Harlem. Lastly, David Marulanda features Debra Chan, whose daily schedule is enough to make anyone crave a nap.

Ding. Another Blackboard announcement. Take the issue with you. Bring one for your professor as well; apples are overrated.

Until next time,
Katie Herchenroeder

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