The Year in Review: Tumultuous, Infrastructure, and Purchase

As his first full academic year as president concludes, Vincent Boudreau sits in his now completely decorated office, reflecting on the past to plan for the next days, months, and years at the helm. Despite a seemingly constant battle with budget, he has sustained, if not furthered, his hopes for the institution he’s called home for decades.

In Memory of Thea Hunter: Beloved New Yorker, Scholar, and Adjunct

“To be a perennial adjunct professor is to hear the constant tone of higher education’s death knell. The story is well known—the long hours, the heavy workload, the insufficient pay—as academia relies on adjunct professors, non-tenured faculty members, who are often paid pennies on the dollar to do the same work required of their tenured colleagues,” Adam Harris writes in The Atlantic, eulogizing Thea Hunter.

To the Sum of These Parts, Thank You for Making Me Whole

In the least sociopathic way possible, I have several notecards with scribbled thoughts and unfinished theories displayed around my room. In fact, I considered equipping my walls with chalkboard paint and sleeping with chalk next to me for those pitch ideas that are fleeting but vital. In lieu of this desire, I utilize the notes on my phone – 859 and growing!

Editor’s Note: June, 2019

My name is Katie Herchenroeder and I am thrilled to have served Harlem and The City College of New York communities as this year’s Editor-in-Chief. As I graduate today, I hold several aspects of CCNY close to my heart; yet, none compare to the affinity I have for this over 100-year-old publication.

Editor’s Note: May, 2019

With the semester’s end around the bend and finals knocking at your door, The Campus hopes to act as a source of information and rest.

Satire: Haris Khan Launches 2020 Presidential Bid

Adding to the already robust field of 2020 hopefuls, former Undergraduate Student Government President Haris Khan announced his presidential bid on Friday, March 22. Khan, who also serves as the Chairperson for the University Student Senate and the only student member of the CUNY Board of Trustees, recently made Politico headlines when he resigned as CCNY’s head of state.

(Satire) Editor’s Note: April, 2019

Have you heard the news? Our Crampus team of dedicated staff have been investigating the goings on at CCNY all year – and do we have some scoops for you.