A Global Community of Student Scholars

Previously published in The Campus
Co-Wrote with Anthony Viola

The City College of New York is unique in many idiosyncratic ways. Ask nearly any CCNY alumnus what sets their alma mater apart and they will tell you the diversity of their peers. When you walk into a classroom in Shepard Hall or Compton Goethals, you see the multiplicity of cultures at work.

There are students from every corner the world coming together to learn and grow, not only themselves, but the learning community as a whole. The graduating class of 2017 is no exception. This year alone we have graduates from 89 different countries.

From Bangladesh to Greece to Yemen, and all the way from Hong Kong, these CCNY students have been, and will continue to be, the cornerstone of this institution’s legacy. In order to display the vast culture of this year’s graduates, The Campus has put together a visual representation of where the member’s of our graduating class are from.

Each red pin signifies where a current graduating student originates.

Design by Carmen Quang 

crop 2017 - 6_Page_12
crop 2017 - 6_Page_13

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