Who is Katie?


I’m a freelance journalist who is studying International Journalism at The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. I focus my writing on international culture and communication, women’s rights, and other social phenomena. Throughout my travels, I have found a passion for defining the ways we apply value to human life and implant empathy within those discourses. Also, I am a vehement fan of garlic bread.


Undergrad: The City College of New York
Degree: Bachelors of Arts, double majoring in International Studies and Sociology with a minor in Journalism
GPA: Summa Cum Laude (3.95)

Graduate School: Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism
Degree: Masters of Arts, concentrating on International Editorial Reporting
GPA: In progress



MSNBC Intern: All In with Chris Hayes | Previously Weekend Team
September ’18 
to May ’19

Researching current events to present succinct and vital information to producers during news shows.

Working with producers, anchors, and designers by printing scripts, creating floater keys, ordering transportation, checking tape, and providing any other data they request.

Using social media platforms to communicate and interview people impacted by news events.

The Campus News Magazine

Editor in Chief
June ’18 
to June ’19

Writing and publishing over 40 articles that demonstrate the quality, intensity, and reliability of writing that has been able to keep the college community, Harlem, and New York City informed.

Reporting that engages in investigative, multimedia, and research techniques in order to produce information that is lucid, well-rounded, and refreshing.

Deterministic networking that creates partnerships with the college’s administration, various organizations, and political figures in and outside of New York.

Leading editorial staff in an individualistic manner that focuses on their needs, as well as providing hundreds of stories for the readership that emphasizes the importance of this historical moment.

The New York Times Magazine

Freelance Journalist
May ’18

Working with The New York Times magazine on a feature piece focused on love in NYC over a 24 hour period.

Coordinating with a photographer to illustrate how love is found in the most exciting and calm places across the city that never sleeps.

Compiling information and quotes from interview subjects and relaying that content to editors and my assigned photographer.

Women 2.0

Freelance Journalist
April ’18

Attending a nationally organized conference on diversity and inclusion, specifically focusing on opportunities within New York City.

Interviewing subjects from a variety of fields including, but not limited to, technology, media, and education.

Working with editors and the CEO of Women 2.0 to craft a piece for their online forum.

The New York Public Interest Research Group

Project Leader
December ’18 to May ’19

Encouraging City College students to contact their representatives and use their voices to advocate for the people of New York.

Promoting NYPIRG’s main campaigns: Voting Rights, Energy and The Environment, Government Accountability, Public Health, Consumer Protection, Higher Education Affordability, and NYC Mass Transit.

Implementing statutes to provide food and other supplies for students who are homeless or have food insecurities at City College.

Capstone On Campus Management

Resident Assistant
August ’17 to June ’18

Planning and executing dozens of large scale events that center around social justice, education, and community in order to create an environment that fosters growth amongst peers.

Producing a monthly newsletter, The Residence, that highlights artists, outstanding participants in the building, and on-campus content.

Performing administrative tasks that aid in the successful development of the customer experience and business management.


International Humanitarian Aid
Peru | Costa Rica | Romania | Ecuador
Periodically between ’12 and 

Supporting human rights and the implementation of such in Peru, Costa Rica, Romania, and Ecuador through cultural immersion and community involvement.

Building, repairing, and remedying infrastructure in systemically disadvantages geographies by collaborating with local families and leaders.

Speaking native languages in order to connect personally with youth, parents, elders, and other society members in both playful and crucial ways.

Profile Multimedia Writer
Hillsong Church
Periodically between ’16 to present day

Interviewing and engaging with members to tell the stories of the people who build the foundation for the global company.

Leading peers in multimedia presentations that involve writing, video, photography, social media, and acting


Beatrice and L. Richard Guylay Class of 1934 Prize

For outstanding service and leadership to The Campus newsmagazine and in celebration journalistic abilities

Issued by Linda Villarosa, Barbara Nevins Taylor, and the Journalism Department at CCNY in May of 2019

Cedric J. Robinson Award

For outstanding work in service of global social justice

Issued by the Sarah Muir, and the International Studies, Gender Studies, and Anthropology departments at CCNY in May of 2019

Valedictorian Candidate

For exceptional academic and social involvement throughout undergraduate studies at The City College of New York

Issued by The City College of New York Valedictorian Search Committee

The Winston Fellowship

For study abroad in Spain and Amsterdam to further explore the Spanish language and the global governing of climate change

Issued by the Study Abroad and International Studies departments at CCNY

Career Specific Courses

Global Perspectives |Activism and Non-Profits | Immigration and Refugee Movements | Entry to Journalism | Development of US Peoples | Language and Power | Media Studies | Peacekeeping and Negotiations |Philosophy | Public Speaking | Reporting and Writing | Social Work Theory and Practice | Social Problems | Social Foundations of International Studies | Sociological Theory | Spanish | TV Journalism | Writing for the Social Sciences | Transnational Feminisms 


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me!