Satire: Haris Khan Launches 2020 Presidential Bid

Adding to the already robust field of 2020 hopefuls, former Undergraduate Student Government President Haris Khan announced his presidential bid on Friday, March 22. Khan, who also serves as the Chairperson for the University Student Senate and the only student member of the CUNY Board of Trustees, recently made Politico headlines when he resigned as CCNY’s head of state. [continue reading]

Satire: Pomp & Cirumstance (Yet Again)

The City College of New York has invited none other than First Lady Melania Trump to speak at this year’s Spring Commencement ceremony! That’s right, you’ve heard it here first! In June, CCNY will have the pleasure of hearing (the third) Mrs. Trump speak to the graduating class of 2017. This past election season, the world observed how fond Melania truly is of Michelle. [continue reading]