Veteran Investigative Journalist Jerry Mitchell Says That It’s Not Too Late to Hold Klansmen to Account

Investigative journalist Jerry Mitchell thinks that it’s not too late to go after Ku Klux Klan members for their civil right abuses, he told a room full of people at the Brooklyn Historical Society on Wednesday night.  In a conversation with NPR’s Jami Floyd celebrating Black History Month, Mitchell detailed three of the several stories …

As Mayor Bill de Blasio Discusses Getting Rid of Gifted and Talented Programs, New York City Residents Are Torn

Words and picture by Katie Herchenroeder On the ground, those engaging with NYC schools daily are torn on removing Gifted and Talented programs across the city.  Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Department of Education are discussing the idea to remove Gifted and Talented programs from New York City Public Schools, per the suggestion of …

The Year in Review: Tumultuous, Infrastructure, and Purchase

As his first full academic year as president concludes, Vincent Boudreau sits in his now completely decorated office, reflecting on the past to plan for the next days, months, and years at the helm. Despite a seemingly constant battle with budget, he has sustained, if not furthered, his hopes for the institution he’s called home for decades. [continue reading]

CUNY Names Vincent Boudreau Permanent President

"It's not a day-to-day change; it’s a big picture change,” shares Vincent Boudreau, the recently elected 13th president of The City College of New York, while sitting in his office. Before December 4, his door read “Interim President,” yet now, room 300 in the Wille Administration Building simply displays, “President.” [continue reading]