A Global Community of Student Scholars

The City College of New York is unique in many idiosyncratic ways. Ask nearly any CCNY alumnus what sets their alma mater apart and they will tell you the diversity of their peers. When you walk into a classroom in Shepard Hall or Compton Goethals, you see the multiplicity of cultures at work. [continue reading]

Thanksgiving in Splitsville: The Life of Being a Child of Divorce

In the few minutes it will take you to read this article, 10 marriages in the U.S. will end. That’s 10 more families that have to figure out how to deal with traditional family events, such as Thanksgiving. 10 more families attempting to sustain the love that comes with the holiday season. 10 more forced laughs, football rivalries, awkward hellos, painful goodbyes, and 10 more turkeys. [continue reading]


On March 29, in the heart of Manhattan, dozens of scholars on diversity and inclusion (D+I) met to discuss the current state of affairs and how to improve upon such. Organizers held the meeting at the City University of New York Graduate Center, an institution itself dedicated to D+I. [continue reading]