Editor’s Note: June, 2019

My name is Katie Herchenroeder and I am thrilled to have served Harlem and The City College of New York communities as this year’s Editor-in-Chief. As I graduate today, I hold several aspects of CCNY close to my heart; yet, none compare to the affinity I have for this over 100-year-old publication. [continue reading]

Editor’s Note: May, 2019

With the semester’s end around the bend and finals knocking at your door, The Campus hopes to act as a source of information and rest. [continue reading]

Editor’s Note: March, 2019

How is everything holding up? I can assure you that you’re doing better than you think you are. We appreciate you taking the time out of a cold, hectic March to hang out with us. Now, since you’re reading this, I assume you would like to hear what you can expect within. I am happy to oblige. [continue reading]

Editor’s Note: February, 2019

As Spring Blackboard reminders flood our emails, phones, and busy calendar days, there is often a confusing feeling, at least for me. While I am at once overwhelmed with being three-weeks deep in homework after two lectures, I am enthralled to see what comes as the weather slowly, but surely, begins to bloom. Here at The Campus, we plan on walking with you during these molasses months. Until Summer break, let’s tackle this together. This issue is just the beginning. [continue reading]

Editor’s Note: January 2019

Every year, our team dedicates one issue to our hard-working athletes. 2019’s BeaverBeat is filled to the brim with nuances pieces which dig deeper into the often overlooked CCNY athletics scene. Whether you can recite sports statistics like they’re on the final exam or your idea of a good game is a rowdy round of rock, paper, scissors, this magazine is for your awaiting curiosity. [continue reading]

Editor’s Note: December, 2018

As the winds shift colder and the day’s hours dwindle, I hope you find yourself stuck inside, yearning for activity, and pick up this issue of The Campus. Perhaps the MTA has forgotten, once again, how to do its one job in inclimate weather and you remembered that this issue had weaseled into your backpack. Either way, welcome. We’re excited you’re here. [continue reading]

Editor’s Note: November, 2018

I am pleased and honored to present the subsequent pages for your viewing. Our staff has spent countless hours crafting the following words, sentences, and paragraphs for you to experience - take a breath, grab some tea, and let’s get going. [continue reading]