Editor’s Note: June, 2019

Previously published by The Campus

Hey, Hi, Hello,

My name is Katie Herchenroeder and I am thrilled to have served Harlem and The City College of New York communities as this year’s Editor-in-Chief. As I graduate today, I hold several aspects of CCNY close to my heart; yet, none compare to the affinity I have for this over 100-year-old publication.

In my first editor’s note for The Campus, I promised two things:

1. If I could write about every single person at this university, I would – time and space permitting. Because of my inability to stop time and bend space (working on it), not every story will be told, nor every word delivered without fault.

2. This technicality noted, I ensured, “that this publication is steadfast towards the truth, dedicated every step of the way to representing the voices of its readers – you. We will not grow tired of writing about people under attack in society and on this campus: people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and other disadvantaged groups. We commit to keeping our ears to the ground, eyes looking around, and doors open to whoever wishes to walk into our office.”

Ever since I was indoctrinated by Dr. Seuss and his elephants’ faithfulness decree, I try to make it a habit of keeping my promises. This year, with thanks be to my incredible staff and a willing campus, we were steadfast towards the truth, keeping the people first in every decision we made. The issue you hold in your hand is no exception. For our extended graduation edition, our staff writers, editors, photographers, and designers worked tirelessly to bring you thought-provoking journalism. Following after City College’s yearbook name, we hope that the words within these covers provide a microcosm to both the graduating class of 2019 and the university as a whole.

It is with great nostalgia that I write to you today. But, in the most nauseatingly cliché way possible, with each drop of nostalgia comes downpours of appreciation for the past and expectancy for the future.

Talk soon,
Katie Herchenroeder

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