Editor’s Note: November, 2018

Previously published by The Campus

Hey, how’s everything?

I am pleased and honored to present the subsequent pages for your viewing. Our staff has spent countless hours crafting the following words, sentences, and paragraphs for you to experience – take a breath, grab some tea, and let’s get going.

Allow me to give you a tour of November; please keep your eyes and attention inside the magazine at all times. We’ve got a lot to see.

To your right, you may notice the news section of our journey: Writers Kaur, Graziano, and Anosike explore CCNY’s lack of faculty diversity, a beloved member of Harlem, and a new role for our student government president, respectively. Next, we stroll through features, with a dash of lifestyle and opinion: De Leon tackles our cover story on what the Kavanaugh confirmation means for students; Gordon shines light on an often forgotten group of people; I weigh in on defending freedom of the press; and Adomaitis details the halal food scene around CCNY. On a sportier side of our tour: Kaur returns to tell the story of one of our students, Richard Kish, and his life as a student athlete. A hop, skip, and a jump away we see a calendar equipped with all the information you need to support our teams.

Finally, we conclude our journey with a social media guest who has some things to share (pun intended) with you all. This is where I leave you – for now. Thank you for allowing me to be your tour guide; I hope and trust you’ll be back for a second glance; this institution deserves it, for it is made up of you.

Until next time,
Katie Herchenroeder

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