Editor’s Note: May, 2019

Previously published by The Campus

Hey – Summer is approaching,

With the semester’s end around the bend and finals knocking at your door, The Campus hopes to act as a source of information and rest.

As our slogan, “Over a Century of Service to CCNY & the Harlem Community,” promises, we write about the things that matter here. Yet, we recognize that in a university with over 150 countries represented, the very concept of “here” becomes rightfully problematized. For students at City College, home can represent anywhere from their fire escape in Harlem to the country they were born in. So, The Campus is turning its gaze global.

Within, Jaqueline Bautista looks at Puerto Rico – a U.S. territory – and their recent decision to ban conversion therapy. Next, Nate Izzo dives into Venezuelan politics to begin detailing the historical significance of their current moment. Completing our global section, I sit down with Muslim students to discuss their hours, days, and weeks following the horrific shooting in New Zealand. Notwithstanding, who would we be without our on-the-ground, exclusive local reporting?

Also within this issue – Aspasia Celia Tsampas sits down with the expected new USG president; Dustin Graziano distills the recent CUNY budget; Kia Thomas shows the real impacts of gentrification in Harlem; Aurora Soriano explains the highs and lows of mental health resources on campus; Clark Adomaitis tells all about strawberries near CCNY; Eliseo Recarey analyzes one of the oldest rivalries in sports; and Gaby Figueroa recommends some reading in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

With that paper due next week and the constant echo of “cumulative” ringing in the back of your mind, take this moment to look at all that is happening around you – whether that be on 125th or across the Atlantic.

Hey – Summer is even closer than when you started reading this! Wow!

Katie Herchenroeder

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