Editor’s Note: March, 2019

Previously published by The Campus

*Hat Tip*

How is everything holding up? I can assure you that you’re doing better than you think you are. We appreciate you taking the time out of a cold, hectic March to hang out with us. Now, since you’re reading this, I assume you would like to hear what you can expect within. I am happy to oblige.

This Women’s History Month, and every other day of the year, The Campus tries to work as a megaphone for the women thriving within our ornate gates – and beyond. As our cover hints, I choose to ask the age old question “What does it mean to have a seat at the table?” to powerful, influencing women at CCNY. Those who flawlessly graced the cover share what it’s like to claim their seat and bring others along with them. An empty chair is found at the head of the table, representing all the other women on campus who are climbing the ladder and breaking barriers to have a seat.

The Campus chose to further celebrate this historic month by discussing women in the music industry – sitting down with one of CCNY’s own – and raising the pressing issue of unequal recognition for achievements in athletics at the college, penned by Jada Gordon and Eric Bilach, respectively. At the top, writers Breona Couloote and Ibtasam Elmaliki introduce Vanessa K. Valdés, the new Black Studies Director. Likewise, Victor Anosike speaks with Andrew Rich, an old face in a new position.

Excited about St. Patrick’s Day? We are too. Aspasia Celia Tsampas tells all when it comes to partying hard, sober or not. Next, Jaquelin Bautista opines with the help of fellow classmates, questioning how thrifting has become a consumer affair. Back and better than ever, food critic Clark Adomaitis gives you the rundown on where to get the perfect slice.

How is everything holding up? I can assure you that there are people on this campus who want to hear your story, just as you have chosen to delve into their stories within these pages. There’s joy to be found in this camaraderie during the hectic, cold March.

Talk soon (hopefully),
Katie Herchenroeder

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