Editor’s Note: January 2019

Previously published by Beaverbeat

Hey Boisterous Beavers,

Every year, our team dedicates one issue to our hard-working athletes. 2019’s BeaverBeat is filled to the brim with nuances pieces which dig deeper into the often overlooked CCNY athletics scene. Whether you can recite sports statistics like they’re on the final exam or your idea of a good game is a rowdy round of rock, paper, scissors, this magazine is for your awaiting curiosity.

The Beat begins with a frustrated editorial from our resident Sports Editor David Marulanda who wants to know: Where are the intramural sports? Next, Kimberly Keblish takes an investigative look into the athletics budget, or lack thereof. Interviewing a standout rookie, Dustin Graziano tells the story of CCNY’s star midfielder Ingrid Rosario. In a fashion-inspired piece, Jacqueline Bautista gets to the bottom of the style scene for athletes on campus.

Further along in the issue, I had the absolute privilege of sitting down with Fencer Jannatul Ferdous Brishty and discussing what it’s like to be a Hijabi athlete. In thought-provoking work, Ibtasam Elmaliki talks sexuality and sports and what this looks like for the LGBTQ+ community. Reaching out to students, Anu Shetty relays the impact of being injured as an athlete and how to keep hope.

Back with another food-related piece, Clark Adomaitis learns about student athletes’ diets from the source – them! In an unconventional spread, writers Sacha Sulaiman and Jada Gordon share about unofficial Gordon, on the right side of the page, offers encouragement for those who choose brain sports as their vice.

Bookending the BeaverBeat is our own President Vincent Boudreau, or should I say Benny the Beaver, showing the utmost school spirit.

Whew, that was a lot. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as our team enjoyed putting it together for you.

Until next time,
Katie Herchenroeder

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