Editor’s Note: December, 2018

Previously published by The Campus

Happy Winter, Merry December.

As the winds shift colder and the day’s hours dwindle, I hope you find yourself stuck inside, yearning for activity, and pick up this issue of The Campus. Perhaps the MTA has forgotten, once again, how to do its one job in inclimate weather and you remembered that this issue had weaseled into your backpack. Either way, welcome. We’re excited you’re here.

To begin, you’ll find a preview of an expansive piece by a journalism course on campus, honing in on an oft overlooked problem: Where are the black folks at CCNY? Next, Kaur and Alles team up to explain CCNY’s debilitating debt. Following their explanation, Shetty takes you on a journey into one group on campus and their experiences juuling

.Here at The Campus, we value the importance of a human life. When countless lives are lost due to hate, violence, and systemic power, we will not turn a blind eye. Following the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and CCNY’s own experience of a lockdown, Viechweg and James share student’s reactions on these instances, respectively.

As 2019 sneaks around the bend, our Lifestyle section is bubbling over with ways to improve your subsequent year. Adomaitis is back with another tour and this time it’s especially refreshing. Logan leads you into the new year by weighing in on the thing we have a perpetual love – hate relationship with: New Year’s resolutions. Additionally, I discuss hooking up in the NAC with one of our own students; asking the age-old question, “How do I have an afternoon rendezvous while still making it to my final exam?” Our resident sport’s editor, Marulanda, shares how one inspiring fencing player does it all. Lastly, Sulaiman implores us to look at our surroundings, specifically at a wall built by the hands of CCNY for the peace of the community and New York City as a whole.

Grab a blanket, tune-out the MTA, and enjoy an early holiday treat from us to you.

Katie Herchenroeder

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