Dear Santa, Love the Students of City College

Previously published in The Campus

Hey, how’s the weather up north?

I know you are busy, what with it being December and all, but we, The City College of New York, or CCNY for short, have a few requests.

Now, Santa, please do not take this humble letter as complaining. We know that as the flagship campus of The City University of New York, CCNY has made its mark locally, nationally, and globally. In fact, we are consistently ranked as one of the top colleges for upward mobility in the nation.

Cool, right?

But, here is the thing: there seems to be a couple, few, several areas where the college could use a bit of a spruce up. Care to be of any assistance?

We’ll keep this short so you can get back to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer. How is Prancer? Dancer? Vixen? Send our love. Again we digress, here are some of our wishes for this holiday season:

1. Working escalators

We know, we know, there are more important things at hand. But, when a 9:00am is on the seventh floor of the North Academic Center and six of the escalators are broken, the cardiovascular system thinks it is the only problem worth solving.

2. Approximately $11 million to clear the debt

Speaking of more important things at hand, here’s one! Perhaps, and stay with us Santa, a lot of these other concerns could be solved if 11 million singles were readily available. This one’s a biggie. Please! Please! Please!

3. Ceilings that don’t leak

Sometimes college students do not have time to shower in the morning. And yet, surprisingly, they do not want to shower in class either.

4. Cheaper and better cafeteria food

Comet told us that you have friends in the high offices of Chickfil- A, Chipotle, and Shake Shack. Make it happen, with discounts.

5. Freezing tuition

CUNY prides itself on being one of the most inexpensive higher education opportunities in the nation, especially with the introduction of the Excelsior Scholarship. Until this is a seamless process where every student is without fear of financial insecurity, however, an increased tuition, or the possibility of such, still hangs over the heads of many.

6. Infrastructure

This is kind of encompassing, but you get the idea right, Kris? Better overall upkeep would be splendid to unwrap this December.

7. Technology

Last, but most definitely not least, we ask you for some updated and increased technology. Let’s talk websites. It takes a full bookmark bar to house every domain necessary to go to CCNY. There has been progress to move some fields into one platform, but it is still exhaustive to find where all the necessary information is. This school thrives on innovative and technologically driven minds – perchance, Santa, find a way for these people to have a seat at the table to discuss possible solutions. In conjunction, a couple, few, several more computers in the libraries for printing, at more hours of the day, and more days of the week, could very easily put some smiles on our faces for your favorite day of the year.

If you, St. Nicholas, will find the time to land on St. Nicholas Terrace this December 24 and walk down Convent, our hearts will undoubtedly grow three sizes larger.

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