Exciting Things On Deck for Baseball: How to prepare and what to expect in Spring

Previously published in Beaverbeat

As spring approaches, the City College baseball players are anxious and expectant. With a new season comes new players, new competition, and new opportunities to succeed. Led by Head Coach Steve Macias, the team is reflecting on their pre-season so that they can propel themselves in the right direction for 2017.

Brandon Gianikos, a new addition, is hopeful for the team’s future. “I feel that our team has really good chemistry and acts as a family. We have good team chemistry, and that will be a key factor in being successful this season” he states. “The season is a long journey and I’m sure that my team is prepared to back each other up and do anything to help us win.”

Winners are created in the off-season. CCNY’s baseball team has been thriving since Fall. They competed in a Fall league, as well as continuing their individual and team workouts.

Edgar Arango, a Business Management major, gave specifics about the team’s offseason workouts. “This off-season we hit the gym for at least three times a week,” he said. “When possible we hit inside the cages that are in Nat Holman. When the weather was permitting, we would go outside, take some fly and ground balls and throw to keep our arms healthy.”

The players find that the main weakness of the 2017 Spring team is their lack of pitchers. Though Arango believes that “this year we have many players who can play multiple positions…the coaches have a lot of options to put out on the field.” He also addresses that “our weakness is that we are a little short on pitching depth.”

Jacob Schwartz, applied mathematics major and a pitcher himself, notes that the team is “thin on pitching depth.” The Beavers’ believe that their consistency and strong offense will provide an answer to this weakness. Gianikos explained that pitching is a key component for any team. “Without it,” he says, “winning could be difficult…although that could be a major problem, I believe our potent offense and sound defense will pull through and be enough for us to have a successful season.“

CCNY Beavers Baseball is ready to win. All year they have been preparing for this upcoming season. They’ve woken up at the crack of dawn, held multiple workouts throughout the day, and pushed themselves to be the best ball-players they can be. Arango captures their fire and unity going forward when he shares, “we all have one goal and that is to go out to the field and give it our best to get the W.”

The team’s first game is on February 25, against Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.

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